How To Prepare Restaurant Style Vegetable Pulao

Tired of consuming the old boring boiled rice everyday? Give a twist to the normal rice flavour by preparing veg pulao recipe someday. Indian pulao is one of the favourite dishes of North Indians. It in most of the time served with raita and pickle to complete the meal altogether.

How to prepare veg pulao recipe?


The fragrant Indian style pulav recipe is prepared by clubbing some spices and vegetables together. Different homes of India repair different forms of veg pulao. Zafrani pulao and matar Pulao are the two most famous varieties amongst Indians.


By preparing veg pulao recipe on different occasions, you will definitely enhance the grace of your kitchen on immediate basis.  Cook the recipe for just few minutes and Serve it with some fresh coriander leaves. The veg pulao recipe is simply irresistible with the aromatic flavour altogether. The beautiful display of healthy vegetables and raita of your choice will definitely make the dish pleasurable.


How to prepare veg pulao recipe in few easy steps?


Office going individuals who do not have much time for themselves can go for repairing Easy veg pulao recipe right in the morning for breakfast. You can also have the veg pulao for lunch and club some snacks for making it hunger satiating. The rich taste of the vegetable pulao recipe is all because of basmati rice and fresh spices. Choose baby corn capsicum, onions and peas to give a lavish appearance and distinct flavour to the recipe. Also, add generous amount of Ghee for bringing up the best flavour in the recipe. Drop some Kasuri Methi towards the end to give a very different taste to the recipe.

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How to prepare vegetable pulao recipe?


  • Step 1 – soak some rice in a vessel.
  • Step 2 – add all the spices in a different vessels along with ghee and let them crackle.
  • Step 3 – fry some onion and until they turn golden brown.
  • Step 4 – add some green chilli, and wait for 1 minute.
  • Step 5 – saute cauliflower, potato and carrot for few minutes.
  • Step 6 – drain some rice and add three cups of water, lemon juice, spices, vegetables and salt. Allow it to cook until 3 whistles and Serve hot.
  • Step 7 – you can add ginger garlic paste and more vegetables if you want.


Pro tip:

  • Always add boiled Peas in the veg pulao recipe.
  • Maintain the proportion of water and rice for getting the best flavour of the rice and vegetables.
  • Add a little bit of sugar to neutralize the flavour of different spices
  • Go for basmati rice in order to get the best flavor
  • Basic Rice to water ratio is 1:2
  • Add a bit of less water while cooking cake in a pressure cooker.
  • You can prepare veg pulao recipe in pressure cooker, microwave and instant pot

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