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How To Prepare Tangdi Kabab At Home

Tangdi kebab recipe is a delicious mouth melting appetizer prepared after marinating chicken with delicious Indian spices. The recipe originally belongs to Iran but because of its healthy flavour and appetizing taste, it eventually became famous all over the world. Currently, you will find the recipe enlisted in the leading restaurants and Dhaba of your town. Make sure that you use the yogurt solution in order to reduce the hardness of chicken and make it more flavorful.


Start with the preparations at least one night before. Marination is the main step responsible for the flavour of the recipe. Unfortunately, it takes a huge amount of time .


What are the ingredients required to prepare the yummy tangdi kabab recipe –

  • One fresh lemon
  • 150 gram of yoghurt
  • 8 chicken drumsticks
  • 1 tablespoon chaat masala
  • 6 garlic pod
  • 1 inch fresh Ginger
  • 1 tablespoon red chili powder
  • 1 tablespoon chaat masala
  • two green chillies
  • One big spoon soyabean oil


Step by step recipe to prepare tangdi kabab recipe at home-

  • Step 1 – use a thin cloth and Upturn yoghurt over it. hang it for 30 minutes and let all the water get removed.
  • Step 2 – in the meanwhile, use a sharp knife in order to remove skin and make incision over the drumsticks. Make sure that you make a couple of cuts down towards the bone on each side .
  • Step 3 -sqeeze some lemon juice and coat it up.
  • Step 4 – prepare some ginger garlic paste in the mixer grinder.
  • Step 5 – roast some gram flour in a non stick Pan for around 5 minutes and allow the mixture to cool down. Eventually, mix ground floor, hung curd, ginger garlic paste, salt and spices together in order to prepare a decent mixture.
  • Step 6 – add some soyabean oil to the pan and before you place the chicken drumstick in it, marinate everything for around 3 hours. Generally, the mixture is kept overnight for marination.
  • Step 7 – preheat oven in around 180 degree Celsius and place the drumsticks into the wire rack. Make sure that you played a drift rates below so that everything is evenly cooked .
  • Step 8 – allowed the chicken to get cookefy for five minutes by obtaining it in the middle.
  • Step 9 – in order to complete the recipe, place the drumsticks on the wire racks and after them a couple of time until they are properly code. Squeeze some lemon juice followed by a little bit of chat masala before serving the dish. Cook the recipe for around 40 minutes in oven.
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This was a restaurant style tangdi kabab recipe that we have shared here. The yoghurt solution not only bring tenderness in the chicken but also removes all the meaty smell away. dont forget to refrigerate the chicken overnight and do not keep it at room temperature.


You can prepare the Exotic tangdi kabab recipe for serving the guests and celebrating happy weekends. The lavish recipe is loaded with flavours and high quality ingredients. You can also marinate chicken in Two Steps. First of all, marinate it using some curd solution and refrigerate it overnight. Eventually, you can split the chicken and add all the spices and marinate it again for 5 minutes. Prepare the tangdi kabab recipe and enjoy it happily

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