Prepare Schezwan Mayo Dipped Crispy Corn Recipe At Home

India has got numerous varieties of cuisines. The spice nation is not only particular about eating habits but is also innovative in culinary methods. Therefore, here is the Schezwan dipped Crispy Corn Recipe that will definitely drive you crazy.

The recipe is very easy in case you have some readymade Schezwan sauce at home. However, we would recommend to take some pain and prepare the Schezwan sauce at home because it has a much better taste because of being devoid from preservatives.

The unique and exciting snack requires a little bit of creativity than other dishes. It has a very flavourful taste that is definitely going to make your family Crave for it.


How to prepare the crispy corn recipe dipped in Schezwan sauce?

  • Step 1 – in a vessel having Boiling water, add salt and 2 cups of sweet corn in order to make them soft.
  • Step 2 – take them out in a separate vessel and remove all the water.
  • Step 3 – Let them cool down and add salt, Pinch of black pepper and 4 tablespoons cornflour 4 tbsp rice flour.
  • Step 4 -Mix everything well and add 1 tablespoon of water.
  • Step 5 -Refrigerate for 15 minutes.
  • Step 6 – in a different vessel add 1 tablespoon mayo and one tbsp Schezwan sauce. Mix both of them very well.
  • Step 7 – eventually fry the sweet corn while keeping it covered it with a lid in order to avoid sputtering.
  • Step 8 – pour Schezwan sauce mixture over the recipe and you are ready to devour in order to make your weekends much more exciting. At the end put some finely chopped green chilies.
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Wish to prepare homemade Schezwan sauce?

  • Take around a half a cup of whole Red Chillies and soak them in water for around 10 minutes
  • Add one whole garlic and churn both of them together in a mixture grinder.
  • Take a pan and add mustard oil. heat the oil and add the chili garlic mixture in the same point
  • Add a few drops of soya sauce and a few drops of vinegar.
  • Your homemade Schezwan sauce is ready.

While preparing home make schezwan sauce, remember to wear gloves because the Chili mixture can irritate the skin.


More about the Schezwan sauce Dipped crispy corn recipe-

The recipe should be consumed hot because it will become soggy right away after cooling down.

The Schezwan Mayo dipped crispy corn recipe is very easy to prepare if you have some readymade Schezwan. The only tricky part about the recipe is frying the corn because they tend to splutter because of the oil point

The Schezwan crispy corn recipe can be added with some green chilies, spring onion, and other vegetables as an add on apart from the normal Schezwan sauce. I personally do not prefer it with vegetable, therefore, I skip that step.

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