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How To Prepare The Exotic Aloo Manchurian Recipe At Home

What’s an Aloo Manchurian Recipe? Have you ever faced a situation when you had to purchase a lot of Chinese veggies?  All that for coaching Manchurian and it all got wasted after little consumption. Normally we don’t cook cabbage and capsicum as the routine recipe.


Therefore, here is the potato Manchurian recipe that can add the same flavor but with a lot more convenience. The potato Manchurian recipe has been me save that ever since I have discovered it.

The best part of preparing aloo Manchurian recipe is the availability of ingredients. We don’t usually prepare capsicum and cabbage recipes in the kitchen. We need to purchase them from market particularly for preparing some Chinese food at home.

However, potato is easily available all the time and whenever you have a thought to prepare Chinese food, the ingredients are readily available in your kitchen.


Follow the step by Step guide to prepare the easiest Aloo Manchurian Recipe –

  • Step 1 – Peel 8 to 10 medium size potatoes and dip them in water.
  • Step 2 – Now cut them in small round slices using a sharp knife. Boil them in a pan and add water so that they become salty. Make sure that you cover the lid of The vessel in order to boil the potatoes quickly.
  • Step 3 – You don’t have to boil them excessively just make them slightly soft.
  • Step 4 – Remove all the water so that they do not become further soft.
  • Step 5 – Add cold water and let them cool down under the fan.
  • Step 6 – take a vessel Add one-third maida, one third tablespoon rice flour, 1 tablespoon ginger garlic paste, half tablespoon red chili powder and salt.
  • Step 7 – you can add a little bit of orange food color. mix all the dry ingredients together very well and add water in small quantities in order to create a consistent batter.
  • Step 8 – Add the potatoes in the mixture and mix everything well.
  • Step 9 – Take a deep vessel and add oil into it. After the oil is hot, we are ready to fry the coated potatoes in order to make them crispy.
  • Step 10 – Within 2 minutes you will find your potatoes getting absolutely crispy. Let the excess oil gets soaked in a tissue paper. eventually, do the same with all the potatoes and let them cool down.
  • Step 11 – Now fry them once again in hot oil in order to create more crispiness in the potato balls.
  • Step 12 – take some oil in a cooking vessel, Add 1 tbsp chopped ginger garlic paste and 1 medium sized chopped onion in hot oil.
  • Step 13 – add 1 tablespoon red chili sauce, 1 tbsp green chili sauce, 2 tbsp red tomato sauce, 1 teaspoon white vinegar and in the entire mixture. mix everything very well in high flame and add salt.
  • Step 14 – Now add potatoes in the mixture and you are ready to enjoy the dry potato Manchurian recipe right away.
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Protips –

If you want some gravy in the same mixture, add one tablespoon of corn flour in water and mix it. Add the same while cooking the sauces in the frying pan along with the potatoes.

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