Prepare The Delicious Frozen Strawberry Dessert At Home

The marvelous taste of The Delicious Frozen Strawberry Dessert is very exotic. Everybody is going to definitely ask you the secret ingredients. The best part about the recipe is not the ingredients. But the method of preparation so here we go.

If you do not have much time to prepare an exotic dessert and you are in the mood to do some fun cooking. Then this is a recipe that gonna take less than 15 minutes of preparation time.


Step by step guide to preparing Frozen Strawberry Dessert-

  • Step 1 – Crop the green part of the strawberry and cut the fruit into small pieces. we need Around 250 grams of strawberries.
  • Step 2 – add some water and 1 cup of sugar before making it in the grinder.
  • Step 3 – Add half tablespoon lemon juice. Then create a fine shake.
  • Step 4 – Freeze it on 45 minutes and break it up into small parts using a fork after it is Semi-solid in the state.
  • Step 5 – Mix it well using a fork. Then freeze it once again.
  • Step 6 – Now repeat the process around 4 times until you have a crumbled dessert. it looks beautiful and has a very good taste after this.


The granulated strawberry shake has the most phenomenal flavor in the world. You will never feel like leaving a chunk of it in your dessert bowl after tasting it once.

There are so many occasions when we feel like Preparing desserts for our loved ones. But we do not have a clue where to start. Already we have got so much to do that it becomes difficult to manage anything extra apart from the normal course of life.

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However, if you are looking forward to preparing a quick dessert delight that is simple and can be often prepared. You can choose the recipe that we have shared on this page.

After getting a good response, we could finally jot down the recipe for you in a very easy descriptive way. The goodness of strawberry is extracted in the best possible way when you have the strawberry dessert at your disposal.

You can have it before or after dinner or lunch as it just doesn’t have anything heavy about it. Just the simple recipe with a good combination of strawberries, sugar, and water. Adding lemon juice is absolutely optional.

You can experiment with the same recipe by adding some vanilla essence and vanilla ice cream in the mixer grinder before creating the easy dessert at home. Within just five minutes, you are done with all the preparations and almost ready to enjoy the delightful delicacy.

Freezing and scraping the dessert is the only time-consuming part. However, if you start with the preparations one day before, you can do it during your leisure repeatedly and casually.

You can even prepare a mocktail out of the desert by adding a little bit of soft drink and hard drinks together. The strawberry dessert recipe is a very good option if you are organizing a cocktail party at your home.

Having a different kind of taste is always binge-worthy when you happen to invite people to your home.

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