How To Prepare Panjiri At Home?

Panjiri is not only offered to god as Prasad but is also associated with celebrations and Happy Times. For elderly, preparing panjiri at home represents a happy occasion. You can consume panjiri unbound or simply prepare small balls out of it. The traditional way of making panjiri is healthy, unique and  absolutely nourishing. The majority of North Indians state prepare panjiri as an offering to the almighty and celebrating occasions. Also, panjiri is associated with health benefits like increasing breast milk and recovering from post delivery weakness.

How to prepare panjiri easily at home?

The nutritional supplement can help you to receive a lot of strength and energy. In fact, panjiri recipe is an amazing evening snack as it is loaded with ghee, dry fruits and their nutrients. The best dessert snack can be kept for several days in winter season.  one can consume one bowl of panjiri everyday in order to enhance immunity, strength and fight with difficult times.


The high calorie sweet is very easy to prepare . It is just about making some edible some festivals along with ghee and wheat. You can powdered dry fruits and mix them in the panjiri recipe.


What are the exact ingredients needed to prepare the best panjiri recipe?


The basic ingredients for panjiri are conveniently available any store. However, if you do not have the ingredients available coincidentally, you can simply buy them at any store near you. all you need to do is buy some ghee, edible gum, roasted Bond, Lotus seeds almond cashew.


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Step by step preparation for panjiri recipe


  • Step 1 – heat some ghee in the pan and roast Bond until it becomes puffy.
  • Step 2 – add Makhana and Roast it until crispy.
  • Step 3 – followed by step 2, add cashews and Almonds and fry them until they become slightly Brown. Take out all the ingredients aside and let them cool down . subsequently, blend them in a mixer jar.
  • Step 4 – add two cups of ghee in the fry Pan and two cups of wheat flour. Let it fly until it becomes brown in colour
  • Step 5 – add 2 cups of sugar in the ingredients and keep stirring until the whole mixture becomes dry. Offer the sweet dessert to the lord and in new mothers.


Preparing panjiri does not take more than 30 minutes altogether. The simple recipe can be prepared when you don’t feel like having something monotonous for lunch or dinner. Adding more dry fruits in the recipe shall give more nutrients. The recipe only easy to prepare can be altered in your own way.

You can store panjeree upto 15 days in an airtight container. Make sure that you remove the mixture from the cooking vessel after preparing it. You can optionally add Suji in the wheat flour in order to prepare the recipe.

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