How To Prepare Mysore Bonda Recipe At Home In Simple Steps

The Mysore Bonda recipe is quite famous in Mangalore and all over South India. It is indeed one of the yummiest recipes which is quite often enjoyed with sambar and coconut chutney. Having a variety in the morning breakfast makes life so much easy.

However, whatever we eat should not come with a compromise on health. Luckily, Indians have got lot many options to cook healthy breakfast recipes with the help of rice flour, besan, and wheat.


  • 1 Cup white flour
  • 1/4 cup rice flour
  • 1/2 cup dahi
  • salt
  • jeera
  • finely chopped green chili
  • 1-inch ginger
  • ⅓ spoon baking soda


Follow the step by step guide to preparing Mysore Bonda recipe at home –

  • Step 1 – Mix one cup of maida and rice flour in a deep vessel followed by baking soda and curd.
  • Step 2 – add green chilies and jeera as well. Mix everything very well in a round and circular motion for 3-5 mins.
  • Step 3 – Eventually add water and make sure that there are no lumps in the middle. also, the consistency should not be very thin or thick.
  • Step 4 – Keep it aside for 15 minutes. You can optionally add few chopped coriander leaves before frying the Mysore Bonda
  • Step 5 – Take a deep frying pan and heat oil and it.
  • Step 6 – Apply some oil in your palm and put the better in the hot oil using hand or spoon. Make sure that you turn the bonda recipe from time to time until it turns golden brown in color.
  • Step 7 – You need to try the Mysore Bonda recipe very well in order to make it crisp and tasty yummy.
  • Step 8 – Enjoy the Mysore Bonda with coconut and green chutney.
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How to prepare green chutney with Mysore Bonda ?

Take a bunch of coriander leaves followed by 9 -10 green chilies and one-fourth tablespoon of cumin powder. Churn everything together with a little bit of water in a mixture grinder and add lemon juice and salt at the end. your green chutney is ready to be enjoyed with Mysore Bonda recipe.


How to prepare coconut chutney?

Mysore Bonda recipe is best enjoyed with coconut chutney and sambar. Prepare the authentic South Indian coconut chutney by adding one coconut finely chopped along with 2 – 3 green chilies, half cup Bhuna Chana and 2 tablespoons of curd in a mixer grinder. Mix everything together and eventually add salt into it.


How to prepare the tempering for coconut chutney?

Take a small vessel and add ghee followed by mustard seeds and whole red chili. pour the tempering over the coconut mixture and club everything together. Your coconut chutney is ready to be devoured with Mysore Bonda recipe.


Preparing a variety of morning breakfast keeps the day happy and entertained. When the morning itself is happy, it tends to affect our entire mood and focus. Try the authentic South Indian Mysore Bonda recipe and give a chance to yourself a buddy to try something new.

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