How To Prepare Eggless Mayonnaise At Home By Using Simple Methods

Don’t you think adding mayo to the sandwiches, pizza and aloo paratha heightens up the flavour of the recipe? Somehow, we just cannot afford to consume the low quality commercial mayonnaise on daily basis. In order to prepare eggless mayonnaise at home, we have got to use just Limited ingredients for receiving the best flavour and quality.


The great accompaniment for breakfast, mayonnaise is basically derived from the French word Moyeu. The creamy delicious mayonnaise doesn’t need you to take much headache. Just 5 ingredients and you are done with the best quality mayonnaise that is ready to adore your pasta, chicken salad, burgers and other food items.


Get the unmistakably fluffy texture by following the step by step guide to prepare the best eggless Mayonnaise Recipe.


Ingredients required to prepare eggless mayonnaise at home –

Apart from everything else, you can add the mayonnaise in the Boring salad to make it differently delectable. Mayonnaise is known for its taste and criminess. It is indeed an essential part of hot dog recipes.


  • Three fourth cup 100% soyabean oil
  • 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
  • Half tablespoon dried mustard
  • 3 tbsp aquafaba
  • How tablespoon salt


Instructions to follow –

  • Step 1 – prepare a combination of aquafaba, salt, lemon juice and mustard in a bowl and mix it very well either through hand or hand blender.
  • Step 2 – add oil in very low proportions while constantly blending the mixture until the mayonnaise get absolutely thick. Roughly it takes 8 minutes to get that texture.
  • Step 3 – cover-up the same and refrigerate.
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The whisking process becomes much easier to use the hand blender to do the needful. You can refrigerate the homemade mayonnaise for around 5 days.  The homemade mayonnaise is creamier and healthier than the best mayonnaise available in the market. If you love to cook different recipes, having mayonnaise in Your refrigerator is a must.

If you are going to try the recipe for the first time, we would suggest you to watch a video about it so that you don’t end up creating a mess at the end.


Pro tips-

  • Use best version of chilled soya milk instead of cream.
  • Use virgin olive oil for better nutrients
  • Add a little bit of pepper powder for extra flavour
  • Using milk powder if you want
  • Use moisture free utensils
  • Add one fourth tablespoon of granulated sugar in order to get a sweet flavour.


Adding Oil Drop by drop helps in mixing the cream well along with getting the required fluffiness. The prepared mayonnaise is ready as a dip by adding some black papers into it. Also, you can add a little bit of oregano in order to get a dash of flavour. The recipe is very simple but carries a little bit of trickiness.

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