How To Easily Prepare Chaat Masala Recipe At Home

We all love to Sprinkle the Tangy chat masala on different cuisines prepared. I am particularly a big fan of Chaat Masala Recipe. It brings a very distinct flavor in dull and boring recipes.

No matter whether it is about preparing some sort of cheela or fruit chaat. Adding a dash of Chaat Masala to the prepared recipe always bring wonders.


Instead of encountering the adulterated chat masala available in the market. Now prepare your own version very easily by following our step-by-step guide. Believe me, the chat masala that we are going to prepare here has a much better taste than the market available staff.


There is no adulteration enter recipe in water. You get the pure version of Chaat Masala that is full of goodness and taste.


The ingredients required to Prepare Chaat Masala Recipe at home –

  • Dry mango powder 20 gram
  • Asafoetida one fourth tablespoon
  • Tartaric acid 10 grams
  • Salt hundred grams
  • Blacksalt 125gram
  • Coriander seeds 50 grams
  • Black pepper 25 gram
  • Cumin seeds 50 gram
  • Dry red chili 10 – 12


It’s a very simple process to prepare the homemade chaat masala recipe. As long as you can collect the ingredients in the correct proportions. Then you are literally left with little work to do. The easy recipes for preparing chat masala is right here –


Step by step guide to Prepare Recipe at home –

The main purpose of preparing chat masala at home is to avoid having commercial spices. These spices are full of adulteration and inferior quality ingredients. Moreover, the chat masala that we are going to prepare here is going to cost very less.

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The quantity of chat masala prepared out of the above-mentioned ingredients is almost 500 grams. Don’t you think that does quantity is sufficient to meet the annual total consumption of chat masala?


You can even distribute the prepared chat masala to your loved ones by packing it in little quantities. After all, saving your loved ones from the poison of adulteration is in itself for a big gift.


Let’s learn to prepare homemade Chaat Masala recipe here –

  • Step 1 – assemble all the ingredients together on a big plate. Then let them get dried directly under sunlight for almost 5 – 6 hours.
  • Step 2 – you can also practice Sun drying the ingredients for two days continuously.
  • Step 3 – in case you want to do it a little bit faster. Then a better idea would be to microwave the ingredients for 1 minute.
  • Step 4 – let the ingredients reach out the room temperature.
  • Step 5 – grind them in a mixer grinder into a fine powder.
  • Step 6 – you can use the entire mixture as it is strained it using A sieve.
  • Step 7 – store it in an airtight container and use it whenever you want.


Believe me, after preparing the homemade chaat masala recipe once you will never feel like purchasing the commercial version. The homemade Chaat Masala recipe is more digestible and better in taste.

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