How To Prepare Bengali Style Mishti Doi At Home

The popular Bengali dessert which is Bengali Style Mishti Doi is prepared out of caramel and thickened milk mixed together. The easy dessert recipe is extremely yummy and taste and popular all across Bihar, Orissa, Bangladesh and Bengal. Mishti Doi is prepared using caramelized sugar in most of the cases.


However, sometimes people make choose jaggery to prepare the recipe depending upon their taste. The restaurant style Mishti doi recipe needs a little blending of 1-litre full cream milk, one cup of sugar and 2 tablespoons curd.


Ingredients required to prepare Mishti doi recipe at home –

  • 1 cup sugar/150gram jaggery
  • 1 litre milk
  • 2 tbsp dahi


Step by step guide to prepare authentic Bengali style Mishti doi at home –

  • Step 1 – heat milk in low flame in a way that it remains one fourth in quantity.
  • Step 2 – caramelize the sugar by heating it on no playing in a separate vessel.
  • Step 3 – add caramel to the heating milk and cook for another 30 seconds.
  • Step 4 – let it cool down a little bit and eventually add curd and let it sit for 3 – 4 hours.
  • Step 5 – keep it in the Terracotta clay pot and refrigerate for 7 – 8 hours.
  • Step 6 – your Mishti doi recipe for beating the heat is ready.

You can enjoy the scoops of Mishti doi all alone along with some food. We can prepare this chilled recipe every day for children and adults at home. The recipe can never fail to impress the consumer.


Can we use jaggery instead of sugar in Mishti Doi recipe?

Caramelized 150 gram of jaggery in a pan instead of sugar and add the same to the hot milk. However, sometimes people do not prefer the typical taste of jaggery because of which they prefer switching on to caramelize sugar. In terms of health, Mishti Doi provides better health when you add caramelized jaggery in it.

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Professional tips-

  • Storing Dahi in earthen pot container ensures that the maximum of the moisture is absorbed and you are left with thick yoghurt.
  • Keep on disturbing the milk while simmering.
  • In case you are living in a cold region, place the dahi near the oven or some hot area.
  • A little bit of crushed cardamom in the boiling milk along with some Saffron in order to add more flavour.
  • Do not forget to scrape the sides of the pan where there are milk solids.
  • You can begin with the preparation of Mishti Dahi when the quantity of milk remains half instead of 1/4.
  • Make sure that you dissolve the jaggery or caramelized sugar well.
  • The temperature of the milk should not be more than 40 Degrees when you add curd into it.
  • Put some kind of seal or aluminium foil on the earth and pot so that it remains warm.

In typical Bengali language, Mishty means sweet. The recipe particularly means sweet yoghurt or Meetha dahi.

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