How To Make Gobhi Gajar Achar At Home In Few Easy Steps

Now making Gobhi Gajar Achar at home is really easy. If you have a special affinity for vegetables like cabbage and carrots, here is a remedy that can let you have them throughout the year. As we all know, cabbage and carrots are particularly winter vegetables. You can’t have them fresh in summers.

All the stock available in the market is from the cold storage that removes the original taste. However, preserving the vegetables at home in the form of A Pickle is an amazing idea. The cauliflower carrot pickle is basically a Punjabi recipe that anybody can easily manage to prepare.


Learn how to prepare the Gobhi Gajar Achar-

  • Step 1 – Blanch both the vegetables and dry them in the sunlight or in Shade In order to remove all the water present in them. The pickle will get filled with mold in case the vegetables are not free from moisture. You can add a little bit of salt in the vegetables so that they emanate salt well.
  • Step 2 – the crunchy gobhi Gajar Ka Achar recipe is sweet and salty in flavor altogether. In case you like it a little bit more spicy, increase the amount of red chili you put. Also, you can alter the amount of mustard oil according to your preferences. I really preferred having more oil in the Achar.
  • Step 3 – chop the carrots and gobhi in 1 – 2-inch size before you sun dry them.
  • Step 4 – boil 9 cups of water in a pot and add Cauliflower and carrots in the same. Boil them for around 5 minutes and spread them evenly in a cloth in the sunlight or under the ceiling fan.
  • Step 5 – in a separate Pan take two cups of jaggery and one cup of vinegar and boil the same in the store. The smell of vinegar is slightly pungent when you cook it along with the jaggery. You need to tolerate it a little bit.
  • Step 6 – now cook the mixture well and make sure that you get one string consistency. Keep the mixture aside.
  • Step 7 – heat one cup of mustard oil in a different pan till it begins to produce Smoke. add a tablespoon of salt, 4 tbsp of garam masala, 2 tbsp mustard seed and 6 tbsp chili powder. Mix it very well and add the vegetables along with the jaggery vinegar solution. Keep on cooking for a few more minutes and eventually turn off the flame.
  • Step 8 – leave it open and do not cover it with a lid.
  • Step 9 – store it in a sterilized jar that is absolutely clean and dry. Select the recipe in it and allow everything to get settled within 2 – 3 days. You can check the pickle once again and keep it in the sun for two days. Gobhi Gajar Ka Achar is ready to be enjoyed.
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