How To Prepare Delicious Arbi Ke Kabab At Home?

Most of you will not believe that vegetarian food can actually taste better than nonvegetarian staff if prepared properly. Here we have got the Sawan special recipe Arbi Ke Kabab that can fulfill your cravings of having Tunday Kabab without evading your religion.

The vegetarian recipe is super hit and full of Nutrition. You can prepare it very easily and enjoy with paratha and green chutney.


Ingredients required to prepare Arbi Ke Kabab at home –

  • 250 gram boiled Arbi
  • 2 -3 green chilies that are finely chopped.
  • 2tb besan for binding,
  • 1 tablespoon red chili powder,
  • salt
  • 1/2 tbsp turmeric powder
  • 2 tb jeera powder
  • 2 tbsp soaked poha
  • refined oil
  • Hing
  • 1 tbsp amchoor powder
  • 2 tbsp jeera and cumin powder combined and roasted
  • fresh coriander leaves 1 cup 1
  • tbsp grated Ginger


Step by step guide to preparing Arbi Ke Kabab at homeĀ  –

  • Step 1 – we are going to mash the boiled Arbi in the best possible way. You can use hand or potato masher in order to Mash it properly.
  • Step 2 – Now add all the spices including salt in the mixture. Make sure that you grind the fennel seeds and cumin seeds before grinding them in the recipe.
  • Step 3 – Add finely chopped Dhaniya powder. add besan and poha in the recipe and create a dough.
  • Step 4 – Apply some oil in your palm and create multiple round balls and Shallow fry them on a non-stick Pan. Make sure that they are crispy enough so that you get a better taste while having them with paratha.
  • Step 5 – Let them cook in a low flame so that they get cooked from within. Also, add a little bit of oil before you put them in a non-stick pan so that you get a better taste.
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This was the basic recipe for preparing something good for Saavan. However, if you are preparing the recipe during the normal season, adding 1 tablespoon of ginger paste and one finely chopped onion to the recipe. This will enhance flavor almost 10 times.

I personally love to have the vegetarian kabab recipe with paratha, Dahi and onion rings. Also, garlic green chutney adds more flavor to the overall food.

In case you do not have amchoor powder, simply use lemon juice. Also, you can replace basan with soya granules or breadcrumbs. The recipe has a very nice golden brown color.

You can have it like almost every day because it is very easy to prepare and everybody is going to love it at your home. Show your creative side by preparing something like vegetarian Arbi ke Kabab at home during the weekend.


How to prepare vegetarian kebab using kidney beans or chickpeas?

Optionally, you can follow the same recipe by using kidney beans or chickpeas. Most of the people prefer vegetarian kebab by having the main ingredient as protein-filled lentils.

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