Prepare The Curd Rice At Home In Few Simple Steps

South Indian curd rice recipe is also known as thayir Sadam traditionally. The fantastic recipe can be prepared in just 15 minutes with a combination of cooked rice and some fresh curd. With mustard seed tempering added over it, the recipe can be prepared on weekends or random days to get a different taste altogether.

Having curd and rice along with normal dal and roti is definitely common. But when you combine curd and rice in a way to prepare such a fabulous recipe, food tastes impeccable. Nutritious South Indian recipe doesn’t require you to think twice before preparing it. It is so easy and quick that you can even pack it for lunch or have it as an evening snack all alone.


Ingredients required to prepare curd rice –

  • 1 bowl full of cooked rice
  • 1 bowl curd
  • Finely grated cabbage
  • Finely grated carrot
  • Salt
  • One spoonful of mustard seeds
  • 4 tbsp olive oil


Step by step guide to preparing the curd rice at home –

  • Step 1 – club rice and curd together in a bowl.
  • Step 2 – avoid using basmati rice and use small grain rice.
  • Step 3 – mash the rice properly. add salt and grated vegetables.
  • Step 4 – prepare to temper subsequently.
  • Step 5 – For tempering take some olive oil in a small pan.
  • Step 6 – add mustard seeds when oil is hot and let it pop.
  • Step 7 – add the tempering into the curd and rice combine everything together.
  • Step 8 – serve hot


How to serve the recipe ?

You prepare the curd rice normally along with some Papad, dal and roti. Adding pomegranate seeds on the top of the curd rice recipe also creates a different taste. I personally love to have the dish with chutney and pickles.

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If you want to add some spicy touch in the recipe, make sure that you add some green chillies in the tempering. However, if you are preparing the recipe for small children, you can avoid making it spicy. Technically people use curd or yoghurt alternatively for preparing the recipe at home.


How to prepare curd for the recipe ?

  • Step 1 – heat some milk in a pan.
  • Step 2 – add a spoonful of curd in the same and let it sit for 2 hours.

You can purchase a little bit of curd from the market in order to prepare your own curd at home.


Pro tip –

  • You can add more vegetables to the recipe in order to make it more nutritious and tastier.
  • You can add whole Red Chillies in the tempering along with some finely chopped green chillies
  • In addition, you can use leftover rice kept in the refrigerator for preparing the recipe

Preparing something like this is good for digestion and breaks the monotony. Similarly, it helps in beating the Summer Heat along With keeping the body fit and immune to infections.

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