How To Prepare Aloo 65 Recipe At Home In Few Easy Steps

We all have always heard about paneer 65 recipe that has a very spicy texture. However, today we are going to share the Aloo 65 recipe that is slightly different from the normal potato recipes that you have ever prepared till date.

Looking out for some yummy evening snacks? Prepare the aloo 65 recipe that doesn’t need any special arrangements or ingredients to cook too.


Ingredients we need to prepare Aloo 65 recipe at home –

  • 3 medium-sized potatoes
  • one onion
  • 1 tablespoon ginger garlic paste
  • half tablespoon chumin powder
  • 1/4 tablespoon Garam Masala
  • 1 tbsp tomato ketchup
  • 1 tbsp red chili sauce
  • cooking oil
  • one fourth Cup spring onion
  • salt
  • one Capsicum


Step by Step guide to prepareThe Recipe at home –

  • Step 1 – in a pressure cooker, boil three medium sized potatoes for just one whistle. Immediately release of the whistle because you don’t have to completely boil the potatoes in the first instance itself.
  • Step 2 – Cut down partially boiled potatoes into square shaped pieces.
  • Step 3  -Spread them in up plate so that they dry up immediately. Make sure that you remove the water.
  • Step 4 – Add one tablespoon of Atta, 1 tablespoon corn flour, salt and mix everything very well. You can also add rice flour in the same mixture.
  • Step 5 – Take some oil in a pan and fry the potatoes for 2 minutes.
  • Step 6 – You don’t have to make them brown just slightly fry them and take them out.
  • Step 7 – Time to prepare the curry. take 2 tablespoon oil in a pan and add green chili, curry patta, and 1 finely chopped onion.
  • Step 8 – Now add ginger garlic paste and saute everything for a minute. Likewise, let it cool slightly.
  • Step 9 – Similarly, add 1 chopped Capsicum, white portion of spring onion in the same mixture. Do not cook for more than 2 minutes.
  • Step 10 – Add half tablespoon cumin powder, half tablespoon coriander powder, one fourth tablespoon pepper powder, 1 tablespoon red chili powder also one-fourth table full Garam Masala.
  • Step 11 – Mix everything very well and add one tablespoon red chili sauce and one tablespoon gets tomato ketchup. Turn off the flame. Eventually, add 2 tablespoon curd after the mixture reaches room temperature.
  • Step 12 – In addition, to it add 2 pinches of orange color and salt and mix everything again.
  • Step 13 – turn on the flame once again and cook everything very well on medium flame. Furthermore, you can now add fried potatoes in the entire gravy followed by the green part of spring onion and mix everything very well.
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The Indian and Chinese version of Aloo 65 is now ready to be devoured. The colorful potato 65 recipe is definitely going to give a lot of temptation to your loved ones. Indeed, within 5 minutes, the entire serving plate is going to get empty.

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