How To Prepare Aloo Frankie At Home

Tired of eating aloo ka paratha and aloo ki sabji every evening?

Give the twist to the regular food by preparing the yummy aloo frankie clubbed with freshly cut onion, cheese and Spices. Aloo Frankie can be consumed as a tiffin snack or evening food. If your children have been demanding something yummy of late, preparing aloo frankie will help you to give them something yummy and healthy.

Preparing aloo frankie doesn’t need you to spend more than 15 minutes. hurry burry mornings can be well managed with the exotically flavoured aloo frankie that can be enjoyed with fresh curd or tea.


How to prepare potato Frankie in just 15 minutes?

  • Step 1 – boil 5 to 6 medium sized potatoes and mash them properly.
  • Step 2 – in a cooking vessel, put some oil, cumin seeds, two Pinch of chilli powder, half tablespoon turmeric, one tablespoon of Kitchen King, half tablespoon of garam masala,one tablespoon coriander powder and salt.
  • Step 3 -Add mashed potatoes in the hot oil and mix everything well.
  • Step 4 -saute aloo mixture for 5 – 7 minute in medium flame.
  • Step 5 – remove the cooked potato from flame and add finely chopped onion in the mixture.


How to prepare wheat frankie?

Overall taste of a Frankie depends upon the type of filing it has. You don’t always need to use white flour to prepare Frankie recipe. You can use wheat flour as a healthy alternative. The spicy potato filling shall keep the taste maintained likewise white flour potato frankie.


Step 1 – prepare chapati and add potato mixture in the same.

Step 2 – add grated cheese

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StepĀ 3 – cut the chapati into two equal halves using Pizza cutter.

Step 4 – serve hot with curd and green chutney.


Potato Frankie was initially invented by Tarla Dalal. Eventually the recipe got famous and got reinvented several times. Aloo wrap or potato Frankie can be altered by adding fresh ginger garlic paste and tomato in the recipe. With a perfect balance of flavours and spicy touch, potato frankie recipe is equally loved by elders and young children alike.


  • Add butter to the Cooking Pan instead of oil
  • Prepare the recipe in low flame for a better taste
  • Make sure that you prepare fresh paratha out of the soft dough
  • Add milk to the wheat flour for increased softness
  • Put a little bit of vinegar over the chapati followed by onion masala before placing the potato mixture



The heavenly taste of potato Frankie is spicy and healthy at the same time. If you are reluctant to take your kid outside for food, preparing the easy peasy Frankie at home will help you to win their heart.


Step by step recipe for frankie is a good choice for small get together, birthday parties and tiny miny festivals. The crunch of fresh onion in the Frankie is simply marvelous. Furthermore, you can add grated carrot and cucumber to add more taste to the recipe.

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