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How To Prepare Kathal Ki Sabji And Pakoda At Home

The spicy delicious Kathal Ki Sabji can be enjoyed in the form of curry and fritters depending upon your mood and taste. The flavorful vegetarian delight quite a lot resembles non-vegetarian delicacies. Popularly Kathal fritters are simply marvelous if you prepare them through the method that we have shared here.


We can prepare The Kathal fritters by dipping boiled Kathal in the rice flour mixture has all the spices and water mixed together. On the other hand, you can enjoy it in the form of gravy by preparing a spicy Curry with tomato and onion puree.


Remember – Kathal has a tendency of sticking on the palms, therefore, it is better to get it cut from a professional or simply apply some mustard oil in Palm and then cut it.


Follow the step by step guide to preparing Kathal Ki Sabji –

  • Step 1 – Take half kg Kathal and boil it.
  • Step 2 – now take two Fist full of rice and soak them in water for half an hour. It would be better if you choose to soak them in warm water.
  • Step 3 – grind rice using a mixer grinder and add A Pinch of asafoetida, half tablespoon red chili powder, half tablespoon chat masala, finely chopped coriander leaves, and salt.
  • Step 4 – now roll the boiled Kathal in the prepared rice mixture and fry the fritters until they get crispy.
  • Step 5 – eat it with Dhaniya pudina chatni or Meethi good ki Chatni.


Prepare masala curry Kathal Ki Sabji

  • Step 1 – take 3 onions and two tomatoes and grind them in a mixer grinder along with with some garlic, green chilies, and Ginger. take a pan and add mustard oil and heat it. Now add cumin seeds followed by tomato onion puree and all spices such as turmeric, red chili powder, Garam Masala, and salt.
  • Step 2 – cook it until you see oil sticking in the sides of the pan. Now add the fritters followed by 1 cup of water.
  • Step 3 – boil the entire mixture together and consume with rice, Naan or Roti of your choice.
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People just don’t like the taste of Kathal in normal circumstances. However, if you prepare it in the form of fritters or Kofta, your family will lovingly have it. The Kathal Kofta recipe is absolutely unique and available with very few people. It has a very different taste that will make you a big fan of the nutritious vegetable.


Pro tips-

  • Always a drain the extra oil in a tissue paper and price the Kathal on high flame.
  • Adding Garam Masala towards The Last of the recipe will help you to get a better flavor
  • you can also add spices of your choice.
  • you can boil the Kathal in a pressure cooker
  • You can add sliced and chopped onion and tomatoes instead of preparing a thick puree.

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