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Instant Dosa Recipe For Healthy Morning Breakfast

Instant dosa recipe can make your life easy and full of happiness. Dosa is the first love for every foodie. However, with mammoth amount of hassles and time investment, preparing yummy dosa or simply impossible. Luckily, there is an alternative to prepare the yummy dosa in less time. After learning the easy dosa recipe, you’ll Love to prepare it every day.

How to prepare tasty and crunchy dosa?

Preparing yummy and crunchy dosa is all about having nonstick Pan and some good batter. You need to prepare the mixture correctly so that it doesn’t stick to the pan and doesn’t irritate you.

No so instant dosa recipe!!!

  • Take 2 cups of rice and one cup of dhuli urad dal.
  • Soak it overnight
  • Prepare separate batter out of rice and dal
  • Mix both of them together
  • Keep the mixture aside for 2 days
  • You will never have to struggle while preparing the dosas once your batter is fermented

 Instant dosa recipe- method 2

  • take two cup of rice flour
  • One cup of dhuli urad dal flour
  • Mix the flour together
  • add half tablespoon of Eno
  • Prepare instant dosa on nonstick pan


Instant dosa recipe method 3 –

  • Take one cup of rice powder
  • One cup of semolina
  • Curd for mixing the two ingredients together
  • Half tablespoon eno
  • Prepare yummy dosa without needing to wait at all

How to prepare fluffy dosa without sticking it in the pan

Pro tips

  • Put the batter low flame so that you get ample time to spread it evenly all over the Pan. eventually increase the gas flame and cook the dosa well.
  • Add Suji to the batter every time you prepare dosa for most fluffiness and non-stickiness
  • Make sure that you sprinkles of water and wipe the pan in case you choose iron cast Pan instead of nonstick tawa.
  • If you are using old nonstick Pan, you might have to discard the initial 4-5 dosas
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All types of dosa (instant and non-instant) remain the same in taste. The instant version is equally good and tasty provided you prepare the aloo masala well. You can also prepare idli out of the same batter and enjoy it with Sambar.

How to eat dosa?

You can club dosa with tomato ketchup or simply masala aloo if there is not much time to prepare chutney and sambar. Alternatively, you can have paper dosa clubbed with different Chutneys. It all depends the way you enjoy your food. Instead of purchasing those from International brands, it would be better to prepare an instant mix at home without mixing any preservatives or harmful additives.


How to prepare perfect dosa?

  • put the better right in the middle of the pan
  • spread it in around circular motion in low flame
  • You might find 4-5 initial doses uneven and difficult to make. However, once your cooking time gets smooth, you will certainly prepare excellent dosa that are perfect and crispy.

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