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Healthy And Tasty Indian Style Fried Rice

Are you tired of consuming white rice and want a little bit of question it? Rice is the staple food of several Nations. It has to be tasty and full of variety in order to keep Spice of life maintained. So here is the best recipe for Indian style fried rice that is full of vegetables, spices and nutrients. I am sure that you will certainly ditch the Chinese fried rice after eating this homemade version.

What exact ingredients are required to cook delectable fried rice at home?

  • Half bowl of white rice
  • Finely chopped vegetables such as onion, capsicum, carrot cabbage and tomato
  • Indian spices like red chili turmeric Garam Masala
  • Salt
  • sugar

How to cook yummy fried rice in Indian style?

Let us begin the recipe by cooking rice normally.

Step 1 – take half bowl of rice and upturn it in the cooking vessel.

Step 2 – take two glass of water and put it in the vessel containing rice.

Step 3 – on a high flame, boil the white rice and after it becomes soft, strain it using a sieve.

Let us move ahead and start with the main preparations –

Step 1 – take a cooking vessel and put one big spoon of refined or olive oil in it

Step 2 Рsaut̩ all the vegetables in medium flame until they turn Golden red. (All the vegetables are not more than half cup)

Step 3 – add boiled rice in the mixture and put half tablespoon of red chili powder, half tablespoon of turmeric powder, salt according to take and one Pinch of sugar.

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Step 4– mix everything together for 2 minutes. If the rice seems dry and sticks To The vessel, try adding a spoonful of oil and cook for 2 more minutes.

Step 5 – serve hot with a mint leaf on the top

How to consume Indian style fried rice?

This particular recipe is meant for one person. You can increase the quantity of everything according to the number of people who are going to eat.

You can have the healthy fried rice for lunch and dinner with some cooked vegetables. Also, you can have it with some curd for delectable and palate tickling meal.

How to consume fried rice as an evening snack?

You can club it with some tea and sauce to have it is an evening snack. Take some nachos and chips for adding a crunchy taste to the Indian style fried rice. ditch Ajinomoto, soya sauce, vinegar and all the harmful ingredients that can result in stomach problems.

Alternatively, you can also pack the tasty dish for tiffin so that your husband and children have a big smile on their face when they eat it.

This winter, pamper your health with the very tasty fried rice cooked at home.

Pro tips-

  • Use RAW old rice for cooking
  • Add a little bit of pav bhaji masala along with all the normal spices
  • Use nonstick cooking vessel for frying the rice
  • You can use the remaining water of boiled rice to wash your hair or conditioning clothes.
  • Add more onions and vegetables for a better taste

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