Homemade Ice-Cream To Keep Health And Taste Intact

Have you ever tried using the leftover milk at home to prepare ice cream? Milk Kulfi/ice-cream is wonderfully tasty and healthy at the same time. I am sure that your kids, in-laws and husband are definitely going to love you even more after they try this recipe. The economic and healthy way of making ice creams at home is right here:

How to prepare milk ice cream or Kulfi at home?

What is the best thing that you can do out of the leftover milk at home? You would either use it as curd or simply give it to some poor and needy person. However, if you get to know that you can prepare yummy milk ice cream out of the leftover milk at home, it would help you to win the award of best home maker.

What are the ingredients apart from milk you need?

Since we are going to choose a healthy method of making ice cream, we are particularly going to pick those ingredients which are readily available at home. So let’s begin –

  • 700 milk
  • 15 tb Sugar
  • finely crushed Cashews -9-10
  • Milk powder if available

Step by step guide to make milk ice cream –

  • Step 1 – take some milk in a vessel and boil it with sugar.
  • Step 2 – keep boiling until the color of the milk starts changing. It takes around 20 minutes for the color of the milk to change in golden red.
  • Step 3 – add finally crushed cashews and some milk powder
  • Step 4 – make sure that the consistency of the milk ice cream is absolutely thick. You need to add more cashews and boil the milk a little more if the consistency is thin.
  • Step 5 – let the mixture cool
  • Step 6 – keep it in the freezer for 7 – 8 hours
  • Step 7 – eat it with your family with all the love in your heart
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On what occasions can I prepare homemade milk ice cream?

Milk ice cream is the first love of grandparents at home. Therefore, in the smallest occasion, you can prepare some milk ice cream at home and serve them with lots of love.

You can add crushed almond for a better taste.

You can have the milk ice cream as the best homemade healthy dessert of all time. Preparing such a yummy dessert at home would help you to quench your sugar cravings without hampering your health.

Milk ice creams are traditional and tasty

Milk ice creams that have been sold since ages. However, you just cannot trust the quality and hygiene at all. With the homemade milk ice cream, you get to enjoy the best quality Kulfi / ice cream that has nothing to do with bad health. The goodness of milk, cashews and milk powder would together nurture your body and soul. Your family is definitely going to thank you manifold after having such a wonderful dessert after meal.


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