The Flavour Full Fruit Custard Recipe Is Right Here

Fruits look beautiful but they don’t taste that well. But what if you make an arrangement to increase the taste of the fruits you eat? Try out chilled custard recipe that is particularly prepared with fruits, milk and lots of love. The fruit custard recipe is a delighting sweet dish that is prepared out of seasonal fruits. You can serve the custard along with the creamy milk and eggs to make a complete meal for your family.

How to prepare eggless custard recipe?


You can use basic Vanilla, pineapple, banana, mango or any other fruit flavor that suits you the best. Maximum of the custard powder have artificial flavours. Take a note that whatever custard powder you buy from the market is natural and does not harm your body. We have taken a recipe that involves of fruit and milk so that  nothing ends up creating a mess within the internal body organs. Everything should nurture the soul and tickle the palate.


Which fruit to choose while preparing custard recipe?


see, you can choose any seasonal fruit in order to prepare the custard. Most of the time, people choose mango, apple, banana aur pomegranate because these are more flavourful. In case you are fond of sour fruits, choosing pineapple, grapes or any other fruit would also do the needful.


Is it possible to prepare custard recipe without using any fruit?


you can prepare custard recipe while using dry fruits instead of fresh fruits. Also, you can completely skip sugar and add honey for tutti frutti in order to make the custard recipe all the more healthy. Dry fruit custard recipe idea is also a good thing to be prepared when your guests are about to come.

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Ingredients required to prepare custard recipe-


  • 5 cups of custard powder
  • 2 cups of milk
  • 3 tbsp organic sugar
  • Fruits of your choice



Step by step instruction to prepare fruit custard recipe at home –


  • Step 1 – Make sure that you cut all the fruits in correct shapes and sizes while keeping them fresh in refrigerator.
  • Step 2 – heat milk in a pan and add sugar until it completely dissolves.
  • Step 3 – add custard powder and keep on stirring it is so that no lumps are formed. Put milk in small quantities so as to create a proper consistency.
  • Step 4 – cook on a low heat so that custard games all the consistency and does not remains runny.
  • Step 5 – switch off the store and let it cool. subsequently keep it in the refrigerator.



Final steps for preparing fruit custard recipe –


  • Mix all the fruits in the custard and serve them in serving bowl.
  • Do not keep the mixture for longer hours after fruits have been mixed.
  • Make sure that you use arrowroot powder and cornstarch in case you cannot get the desired consistency.


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