How To Prepare Exotic Dahi Kabab Recipe At Home

One of the best restaurant snacks, Dahi Kabab is popular amongst vegetarians. Prepared out of curd, paneer and Spice powders, Indeed, dahi kabab recipe is a mouth melting recipe with soft interiors and crispy texture on the outer side. The recipe is rich in taste and easy to prepare.


It perfects happy occasions and weekends. Dahi Kabab appetizer can be enjoyed with special mint chutney or Dhaniya chutney of your choice. Furthermore, the original Dahi Kabab recipe gets the best taste when prepared in a grill oven.


Ingredients required to prepare Dahi kabab recipe at home –

  • 2 cups fresh dahi
  • Salt
  • Two small tablespoon ginger garlic paste
  • 2 Cup grated paneer
  • 10 cashews finely chopped
  • One fourth Cup onion
  • One fourth cup coriander leaves finely chopped
  • 2 fresh green chillies finely chopped
  • 3 tbsp Soya granules
  • 3 tbsp besan
  • oil


Follow the step by step guide to prepare best Dahi kabab recipe at home –

The most surprising part of this recipe is you don’t submerge the Kabab in dahi. Also, the recipe is vegetarian in nature which adds on to the menu of vegans.

Dahi kabab recipe is also known as Dahi ki Kabab

  • Step 1 -smoothen up the curd by churning it manually after preparing hung curd.
  • Step 2 – refrigerate for 14 hours
  • Step 3 – add Soya granules and Paneer to the mixing bowl followed by upturning hung curd
  • Step 4 – prepare a dough out of Spices, paneer, curd and other ingredients
  • Step 5 – divide the dough into equal parts in order to prepare round flat balls
  • Step 6 – roll it up in besan and shake off the excess material
  • Step 7 – take a Kadai and heat some oil in it.
  • Step 8 – fry Kabab one after the other in medium flame until they turn golden brown in colour. In case you have a grill oven, it would be better to Grill the Kabab in it.
  • Step 9 – In addition, let them become crisp and serve them with mint chutney and dahi
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Pro tips –

  • use fresh curd which does not taste sour
  • Using homemade paneer would be better
  • Avoid using much besan and keep the Kabab soft and moist

Dahi ke kabab recipe is simple and can be quickly prepared. Moreover, with the simple ingredients, dahi k kebab recipe can be prepared on random days.


This recipe can indeed make your weekends happy and enjoyable. However, you need to do some homework from beforehand in preparing hung curd. Homemade ingredients are always the best for preparing Kabab.


In conclusion, it is slightly difficult to shape Kabab. However, little practice will help you to get the best shape and mouse melting texture. Refrigerate the Kabab in case you are planning to include them in in the party menu. The Kabab with onion rings and mint chutney apart from chaat masala on the top.

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