How To Prepare Besan Ke Pakode At Home?

Besan Ke pakode acts as an ideal accompaniment of tea. You can prepare them with onion, finely chopped potatoes, green chillies or anything of your choice. Having them once or twice a week keeps the taste Buds quenched and happy. Besan ke pakode is indeed a perfect morning snack. They are all time mouth-watering and enjoyable.

What are the ingredients required to prepare besan ke pakode at home?

  • 2 cups of Besan
  • Oil
  • Finely chopped green chillies
  • red chilli powder
  • salt
  • onion cut into thin slices


How to prepare the Exotic besan ke pakode recipe at home?

  • Step 1 – combine besan along with red chilli powder, onion, salt and little bit of soda.
  • Step 2 -whisk it very well and prepare the better in a way that it is medium in thickness.
  • Step 3 – heat adequate quantity of oil in the pan so that you can Deep fry besan ke pakode.
  • Step 4 – using a big spoon or bare hands drop the Pakoda having onion into the frying pan followed by similar step multiple times.
  • Step 5 – make sure that you fry the pakoda from both the sides.
  • Step 6 – take out the Pakoda in an absorbing sheet and serve the same using green chutney and tomato sauce.
  • Step 7 -sprinkle some chat masala if you want


pro tips –

  • Do not put more than 5 -6 Pakoda in the frying pan at a time.
  • Use refined or mustard oil for frying.
  • Let the oil heat adequately before pouring the batter on it.
  • The consistency should be thick enough so that it does not fall apart while frying.
  • Keep the flame medium so that the fritters get fried from within.
  • Keep stirring occasionally.
  • Do not keep the flame low else the Besan ka pakoda recipe will become soggy
  • Finely chopped potatoes can also bring a variation to the recipe
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Besan ke pakode recipe is one of the best snacks for quenching evening hunger. Particularly if it is raining, there can be nothing better than serving a bowl full of Besan ke pakode along with fresh green chutney and Tea. The spicy onion pakoda is a search easy recipes in which you can never go wrong. You need to fry the Pakoda until they are crisp. With a bare minimum time of 15 minutes, you can come out with such an impeccable recipe that will come tell you to keep everything inside. The ingredients can be altered according to your choice. you can add thick green chilli to the batter as an alternative to an onion.

If you feel scared to drop the fritters into the Kadhai from bare hand, using a spoon will also do the needful.

The delectable evening snack can be enjoyed with coffee apart from masala tea. With a kick of fresh spices and onion, you will definitely feel like preparing the fritters quite often at home.

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