The Sweet Tooth – Aate Ka Halwa

Facing sugar cravings and don’t have anything what want to eat? Try the five minute wheat flour sweet meat recipe and enjoy healthy delicacy at home whenever you want. The sweet pudding is a sheer mixture of water, ghee, wheat flour and sugar. All the ingredients have to be combined in certain quantities to create a delectable dish that can always give you a sweet tooth.

How To Cook Aate Ka Halwa?

The consistency is absolutely smooth, free from lumps and good in taste. You can add raisins, almond and cashew for a better presentation.

Wheat flour sweetmeat can be enjoyed after meals or simply with some hot puris. The combination of halwa puri is very common in North India.

Ingredients required in preparing aate ka halwa or homemade quick dessert

  • Half cup wheat flour
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 2 Cup water
  • Half cup ghee

Step by step preparation for aate ka halwa –

  • Step 1 – take a cooking vessel and upturn wheat flour and ghee
  • Step 2 – combine both the ingredients in a low flame and cook the same for 10 minutes. Make sure that the color of the wheat flour changes to golden brown.
  • Step 3 – keep stirring the mixture so as to avoid burning.
  • Step 4 – after the mixture returns golden brown, add 2 cups of water followed by sugar. Keep stirring the mixture in the meanwhile and gradually all the lumps will go away.
  • Step 5 – garnish with finely chopped Almonds and cashews.

People just love to have aate ka halwa at Gurudwara Langar. It is difficult to prepare the yummy delicacy that tastes divine. However, with the grandma recipe on this page, you will never have to worry about your halwa recipe going wrong. Take care of all the steps mentioned above and you will definitely come out with the perfect aate ka halwa or instant dessert for serving all people at home.

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The tasty and instant dessert recipe immediately melts in the mouth. Soft and moist halwa has a smooth texture it is also served as Kada Prasad in Gurudwaras with the same proportion of sugar and ghee mentioned in our recipe.

How to prepare Suji Ka Halwa at home?

You need to have the same proportion of everything mentioned above. Simply replace wheat flour with semolina to prepare perfect Suji Ka Halwa at home.

Pro tip-

  • Prepare the recipe in low flame for a better taste.
  • Use a bigger ladle for more convenience
  • Do not stop stirring even for a while

Final words

Elders, Small children and toddler’s family love the wheat flour halwa because no chewing is required. Simply gulp the sweetmeat right after you keep it in the mouth. With just 15 minutes of cooking time, you can prepare the best aate ka Sheera for serving guests and loved ones.

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