How To Prepare Sprouts At Home

Want to make your morning healthiest? Start by preparing the easy peasy sprouts that are combination of chickpeas and lentil. Make sure that you get the clean seeds so as to avoid any kind of diseases. Untreated beans can end up creating health issues that become difficult to manage. also, correctly so that you get clean and healthy sprout at the end.


Step by step guide to prepare sprouts at home


  • Step 1 – place beans in a JAR full of water.
  • Step 2 – let it soak overnight
  • Step 3 – take another jar and after the drained beans in it.
  • Step 4 – cover the jar using a cheese cloth and play a rubber band in the outer ring.
  • Step 5 – keep the sprouts in the room temperature and eventually you will see that the sprouts have external proceedings projecting out of them.
  • Step 6 – rinse the sprouts in freshwater and release the cap so that they can grow better.
  • Step 7 – rinse the beans with fresh water two times in a day so that they can grow better and give you more nutrients.
  • Step 8 – lentils and Moong grow faster than any other sprout. Hardly they take two days for them to grow long.
  • Step 9 – finally lentils and eat them the way you want.


How to prepare sprouts for breakfast?


In order to maintain the nutritional value of sprouts, it would be better if you would consume them raw.  clubbing them with the salty mixture of  onions and tomatoes. If you do not like the sprouts raw, you can prepare a puree of onion and tomato in a deep frying pan. Eventually you can add sprouts in the Kadhai and try the same by adding some salt and turmeric powder.

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Enjoy the highly nutritious breakfast with tea or milk and give yourself a real dose of protein naturally. Once you get habitual of consuming sprouts in the morning, you will never have to use protein powder or artificial minerals to suffice the nutrient requirements. Make sure that you wash the beans absolutely well in water before starting with the sprouting process. Also, you can follow the same process with chickpeas and club lentils visit to a better taste.


Apart from chickpeas and lentil, people also prefer to prepare sprouts out of wheat. Sprouts can be consumed as morning breakfast or as salad with sandwich. The taste of sprout is subtle. Homemade sprouts enhances metabolic activities and also help in weight reduction. Cleanliness is highly important while you sprout the moong or chickpeas. Change water and use clean cloth to cover up the mouth of The vessel.


Important tips-


  • You can consume the sprout after keeping them 5 – 6 hours in the wet clothes.
  • The longer you keep the sprouts, the more they grow.
  • You can refrigerate the sprouts for 5 days approximately once they have completely germinated.
  • The cloth must constantly remain damp. You can Sprinkle some water if you find it drying


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