Triple In One Sandwich Recipe For All The Innovative Foodies

If you have been looking forward to create a unique sandwich recipe, check out the very elating double decker recipe on this page. Combination of burger, countryside Sandwich and pizza in a single dish can be named as double decker or triple layered sandwich. The recipe is only available in high class posh restaurants and when cooked at home, it will make you the talk of the town for sure.


Ingredients required for preparing double decker

  • finely chopped vegetables
  • Potato Patty
  • Pizza sauce
  • Mayonnaise
  • Cheese dressing
  • Oregano
  • Chili flakes
  • Garam Masala
  • Black pepper
  • salt

First Stage – Countryside Grill Sandwich Layer

How to prepare the countryside sandwich?

Step 1 – prepare a mixture of chili flakes Garam Masala, black pepper, salt, Oregano and club with chopped vegetables. Add cheese dressing and mayonnaise in the mixture and put it on the first layer of sandwich.

Step 2 -Bake both the sides of bread and place it over the bread that has countryside spread over it.

2nd Stage- The Burger Layer

How to prepare the yummy and tasty burger?

Step 1 – place the mixture of countryside sandwich on top of the bread that has been baked by you.

Step 2 – put a Potato Patty, cucumber and cheese slice

Step 3 – cover the mixture with another layer of bread

Stage 3 – The Pizza

Step 1 – Take a hot Tawa and put the sandwich over it. Bake both the sides of the sandwich

Step 2 – pizza sauce tomato sauce and grate some cheese on the top layer

Step 3 -put finely chopped vegetables and spread some Mozzarella cheese followed by Chili flakes and oregano over the top layer.

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Step 4 – divide the big triple layer sandwich into 4 medium size pieces using a big knife.


You can have the Exotic double decker recipe with Schezwan sauce and Tea. Also, you can give it to your kids for school so that they can enjoy the best fast food that has a healthy touch. Homemade recipes are always better than the commercial ones.

The quality of ingredients used can influence the taste of the recipe. Therefore, make sure that you use only genuine spices and high quality cheese dressing and mayonnaise. Also, use freshly chopped vegetables and prepare a fresh patty at home. Alternatively, you can use readymade potato patty if you don’t have much time to Fri the potato Patty and put it in the middle of the burger.

Final words

Anybody can be a chef As long as one can think logically and have high quality ingredients at disposal. The yummy double decker sandwich recipe is a unique invention that you can serve from different names. People who wish to get the taste of pizza, burger and countryside in a single sandwich can create the masterpiece. The unique triple layered sandwich is always a hit.

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