Prepare Quick And Healthy Egg Maggi Masala Recipe

Our mothers are always reluctant to feed us with Egg Maggi Masala Recipe noodles because of the unhealthy ingredients present in it. However, if you combine the nutrition of eggs and vegetables in Maggi, you can always demand it in a stubborn way. Furthermore, Egg Maggi Masala recipe is the perfect fusion of healthy and tasty ingredients combined together.

Ingredients required to prepare Egg Maggi Masala recipe

  1. 2 eggs
  2. Salt
  3. 2 packet 75 gram Maggi
  4. One-fourth tablespoon Red chili powder
  5. One fourth tablespoon turmeric powder
  6. One fourth tablespoon Kitchen King
  7. 1 onion finely chop
  8. 1 tomato finely chopped
  9. Cooking oil


How to prepare Egg Maggi Masala recipe?

It’s very easy to prepare the Egg Maggi recipe if you have a clue about preparing egg bhurji. However, if you do not know how to prepare egg bhurji, we are going to teach you that first and then we are going to move onto the main recipe.


How to prepare egg bhurji?

  • Take a frying pan with oil in it. heat it first.
  • saute onions followed by tomatoes.
  • add Turmeric powder, red chili powder, Kitchen King, salt
  • Break two eggs toward the side of the same pan and let it cook separately in the corner of the pan
  • After the eggs have been cooked, mix them up with sauteed onion and tomato mixture.


Step by step Egg Maggi Masala recipe –

Life in a hostel can be very difficult if you do not have something like Egg Maggi Masala recipe at your disposal. First of all, you need to have a sufficient amount of nutrients in your brain and secondly, there has to be a recipe that can be conveniently prepared. Therefore, there is Egg Maggi Masala for you.

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The recipe is wonderfully tasty and carries Wholesome amount of because of eggs present in it. You can increase the number of vegetables by adding some finely chopped cabbage and capsicum into it. However, if you are someone who does not enjoy having vegetables, you can keep the recipe the same as we have mentioned here.

  • Step 1 – add 500 ml of water to the egg bhurji.
  • Step 2 – add Maggi and break it a bit so that you can cook it better. add tastemaker as well.
  • Step 3 – cover the entire mixture so that it becomes more flavourful.
  • Step 4 – after the water evaporates, turn off the heat and let Maggi sit for another 5 minutes. Do not keep it dry but let it remain slightly watery so that it absorbs water when turning off the flame.
  • Step 5 – your Egg Maggi Masala recipe is ready to be devoured.


Pro tips-

  • As an alternative to Kitchen King, you can add meat masala or chicken masala
  • Prepare the recipe in low flame initially and increase it after adding water
  • Adding salt to the tomatoes. It will help them to become soft faster
  • Do not add much masala and salt because Maggi Masala tastemaker already has much of it.

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