How To Prepare The Tastiest Milkshake In The World

The hide and seek milkshake is most enjoyable with burgers, pizzas and random food items. However, having a shake in the leading restaurants can cost a fortune. So here we are with the tastiest Hide and Seek cookie shake that is indeed the best Milkshake in the world.

You will never like ordering those expensive beverages in restaurants after learning to prepare easy recipes from us.


Ingredients required to prepare the milkshake recipe –


  • One glass full fat milk
  • 5 – 6 hidenseek biscuit finely crushed
  • 2 – 4 cashews
  • 3 tbsp vanilla ice cream


How to prepare the Hide and Seek milkshake?

Preparing Hide and Seek milkshake is a matter of just a few minutes. As long as you have collected the ingredients together and have a mixer grinder ready, you are almost done with preparing the yummy recipe.

  • Step 1 – take all the ingredients together in a mixer grinder and grind them right away in the full speed.
  • Step 2 – add Crushed ice and you are done with the preparation of the recipe. Optionally you can add a little bit of vanilla ice cream on the top followed by sugar syrup.


You won’t believe that little quantity of Hiding and Seek milkshake can cost you around 250 bucks for no reason in the restaurants. You can prepare the milkshake for almost two people with this amount of ingredients.


Depending on the number of people, you can increase the quantity of the ingredients. Also, if you do not have vanilla ice cream at home, simply skip it. We have not added any sugar in the recipe because of vanilla ice cream, sugar syrup and Hide and Seek biscuit.

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As it already has a sufficient amount of sugar. However, if you still feel like adding in the recipe, it is up to you.


Enjoy the recipe in a tall Mason jar and you will always have it once and for all. The yummy Hide and Seek shake is so tasty that everybody is going to ask you for the secret recipe.


No matter whether you have children or adult at home, everybody has a special affinity towards such exotic beverages.


You can Alter The Hide and Seek Vanilla shake recipe –

Adding a little bit of coffee and a dash of Cinnamomum can also increase the taste of the recipe. However, remember that Cinnamomum has to be used in a very meager quantity or it will end up spoiling the entire fun.


The major taste of the Hide and Seek shake recipe is because of the biscuit and vanilla ice cream.


How to serve Hide and Seek Vanilla shake recipe?

Serve it in a beautiful glass jar and add a small piece of Hiding and Seek biscuit on the top. If you are using vanilla ice cream scoop, add the biscuit piece over it followed by a little bit of chocolate syrup.

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