How To Prepare Rice Flour Pudding Or Phirni At Home

The summers are carrying scorching heat and something has to be there to cool down the inner self. Instead of consuming the harmful and chemical based drinks, enjoy the Rice Flour Pudding Or Phirni that is simple and flavourful in nature. Particularly prepared during the holi festival, phirni is a combination of milk, sugar, rice flour and in different proportions.

The saffron flavoured phirni can be served with dried rose petals and saffron. arrange for some thandai masala and prepare the delicious phirni recipe that will make you beat the heat.


Ingredients required to prepare Rice Flour Pudding Or Phirni –

  • 6 finely Crushed cashews
  • One Pinch of kali mirch
  • 2 pistachios Crushed
  • 8 saffron strands
  • One fourth tablespoon dried rose
  • Finely powdered green cardamom
  • 3tbp Rice flour
  • 5 cup of milk
  • few rose petals
  • 1 tablespoon fennel seeds


How to prepare Rice Flour Pudding Or Phirni at home –

You can prepare the lumpy pudding in order to serve the guest and create a jovial atmosphere. The recipe is definitely going to be discussed in dinner table for sure.

  • Step 1 – grind the ingredients in a mixer grinder (such as Almonds, cardamom, pistachios, fennel seeds and rose petals).
  • Step 2 – keep everything aside and take some rice flour and milk and blend it in a mixer grinder. Churn for a minute.
  • Step 3 -upturn the mixture in the sauce pan and heat in a medium flame.
  • Step 4 – add a little bit of milk, sugar and salt in order to blend them together. Bring everything to boil and once it starts getting lumpy, it will get converted into the pudding. you need to make the mixture very thick and take around 10 minutes to cook it.
  • Step 5 – cooldown the mixture and serve chilled. But before that, make sure that you add pistachios, rose petal and varnish the same with grated coconut.
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Is there any other way to prepare the rice pudding ?

Add rice flour in a cup of milk and boil them very well. Eventually boil them by adding sugar and salt. Add cardamom and vanilla essence at last.

The pudding recipe can be altered in different variations. You can replace the normal milk with almond milk. Also, you can Rose syrup in order to get a better taste point This summer keep yourself hydrated with lots of milk and water.

The simplest and cream recipe in one of the best desserts that is available in Mediterranean restaurants. It is also known as phirni in common terms. The smooth and creamy texture can be clubbed with some rosewater In order to get more flavour.

You can alter the topping by replacing the dry fruits with some vanilla ice cream or something like that. The easy recipe can be prepared by a newbie cook as well.


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