How To Prepare Pineapple Raita At Home In Just Few Easy Steps?

Anything prepared out of curd is healthy, full of taste and nurturing in nature. Pineapple raita recipe is the staple dish of restaurants. However, you can prepare it at home as long as you have simple ingredients like pineapple, salt, black pepper,  coriander leaves and cumin seeds.

How to prepare Pineapple raita in restaurant style?


  • Step 1 – beat some curd or yogurt in a deep bowl.
  • Step 2 – add black pepper, coriander leaves and cumin seeds in little quantities.
  • Step 3 – add finely chopped pineapple to the mixture and stir everything is very gently.
  • Step 4– Garnish the recipe with mint leaves and coriander

How to have Pineapple raita for lunch and dinner?

You can have pineapple raita with your simple afternoon lunch. The salty and sweet flavour of the recipe is all about a distinct taste and lots of nutrients. It is very simple to prepare pineapple raita  at home as long as you have all the ingredients together. In order to have a better taste, you can extract some Pineapple juice and add it as the liquid in the curd. This would give even better taste if you personally do not prefer having fruits in the curd. The Exotic flavour of pineapple is a simply mesmerizing in its own way. The sweetie pineapple recipe has been invented of late. Most of the restaurant have been charging huge amount for the simple recipe that can be quickly prepared at home everyday.

Indian cuisine is particularly about distinct taste and exotic flavours. India got varied taste in the food culture because of diverse regions interacting with our country. also, the nation is a land of different climate, culture and ethnic groups. There are huge varieties of fruits, vegetables and Spices available in our nation. Therefore, people often initiate experimenting with different ingredients and end up inventing breakthrough recipes.

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Simple yet elite  Pineapple raita recipe doesn’t need you to spend Fortune or extra amount of time in creating something worthwhile. Just few minutes and you are ready to search something extraordinary to your guests and loved ones. Preparing the recipe daily shall help your body to absorb more nutrients from curd and pineapple. Both are rich in vitamins, calcium and Minerals to make strawberry season phenomenal. The instant dip can be enjoyed with chapati and rice. Also, you can have it as a sweet dish afterwards dinner.

Pro tips –

  • Make sure that you particularly use fresh curd.
  • Either chop the pineapple pieces very finely or simply extract some juice out of it.
  • Use less amount of sugar as pineapple already has sufficient sweetness in it.
  • Have it with pulao and add pomegranate seeds if you want.


Any recipe that has been prepared with love and hard work tastes good. Pineapple raita recipe is not a rocket science at all. A newbie cook can easily prepare the recipe for showcasing next level culinary skills.

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