Prepare The Exotic Paneer Tikka Salad At Home In Simple Way

It is very difficult to convince children to have salad along with their food. However, when to prepare the Paneer Tikka salad for dinner, everybody is going to become a big fan of yours. literally, there would be no trouble in feeding your loved ones the power of salad. The Paneer Tikka salad has the paneer, onion, lettuce, curd, and mint leaf that has Enriching nutrients.

You can also, prepare this recipe every day for lunch or dinner. Also, you can pack it for the tiffin so that your husband and children get an absolute dose of Nutrition. The Paneer Tikka salad can be used for your dinner by preparing a little more quantity of paneer tikka and having it with Roti or naan.

Follow These Steps To Prepare Paneer Tikka Salad –

  • Step 1 – Take one tablespoon mustard oil 1 tbsp red chili powder and mix both of them very well.
  • Step 2 –  in the same mixture add half cup curd, one tablespoon jeera powder, one tablespoon coriander powder, 1 tbsp ginger garlic paste, one tablespoon amchoor salt, 1 tablespoon coriander powder and mix everything very well.
  • Step 3 – Now take 250gram Paneer and marinate for 15 minutes in the coating.
  • Step 4 – Take a grill Pan and put olive oil into it.
  • Step 5 – cook Paneer from both the sides for around 5 minutes on medium flame.
  • Step 6 – Cut it into small pieces and add one bunch of lettuce by finely chopping it into a 1-inch strip.
  • Step 7 -Take 3 slices of brown bread And cut them into 1 cm square each.
  • Step 8 – Take one tablespoon Olive oil/ghee and saute the bread to make it crispy.
  • Step 9 – add a pinch of black pepper and salt.
  • Step 10 -Take three fourth cup of thick curd, one-fourth cup of fresh mint and churn it together in a grinder.
  • Step 11 – add lemon juice and salt along with some black salt and honey. eventually, drop 1 tablespoon of vinegar and 1 tablespoon of olive oil into it. mix and keep aside.
  • Step 12 -In addition, take some lettuce and add finely chopped cucumber and onions.
  • Step 13 – Add them all together in the Paneer and bread along. Have everything Together by dipping it into the prepared curd mixture.
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The Paneer Tikka salad is absolutely nutritious and healthy. The recipe gives a big twist to your boring meals. Instead of spending a fortune in ordering the recipe in the expensive restaurants, prepare the recipe at home in just half an hour and enjoy it lavishly with the loved ones.


 Protips  –

  • Always ensure that you use fresh and thick curd
  • Homemade curd is always the best
  • Indeed prefer a fresh lettuce
  • Finely chop all the vegetables so that you get the crunch and find them taste better.
  • Always cook the Paneer in low flame and do not turn it so often. It will end up Breaking the Paneer pieces.
  • Keep the content of spices very low

You can prepare the recipe for the guests and random occasions in order to create happy meals at home.

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