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How To Prepare Black Chana And Masoor Kabab?

If you wish to consume Different types of lentils in your diet, there has to be a good cooking method at your disposal. Today, we have got a recipe that can help you to have healthy Black Chana And Masoor Kabab in a very enjoyable way.


Most of the time, we happen to ignore these two lentils because they have very poor taste. Although, we can have the black chana by sprouting but then having Masoor is quite difficult. Therefore, here is a recipe that can provide you the health benefits of both of them together.


Black Chana And Masoor Kabab is the way to the spicy recipe that is ideal to be served any time. It is the best snack dish as well as the dinner recipe. Within just 15 minutes occupation time, you can prepare healthy Kale Chane Ke Kabab for around four people in your family.


Ingredients do we need for preparing Black Chana And Masoor Kabab

  • Half cup Brown chickpeas
  • Half cup black masoor
  • 3 bay leaves
  • half tablespoon whole peppercorn
  • 4 tbsp Soya granules
  • 2 cloves
  • 1-inch Cinnamomum
  • oil
  • 3 green chilies
  • one cardamom big and small each
  • one tablespoon fennel seeds
  • one tablespoon cumin seeds


Step by step guide to preparing excellent Kale Chane and Masoor Ke Kabab –

There are so many ways to prepare a vegetarian kebab recipe at home. After we have already shared how to prepare veg kabab recipe using Arbi, here we are with the recipe to prepare these kebab using black chickpeas and masoor dal.

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Let’s follow the step-by-step guide that gives you the correct guidelines to prepare these Kabab at home –

  • Step 1 – soak black masoor and black chana for around 16 hours.
  • Step 2 – drain excess water and create a coarse mixture into the mixer grinder by adding lentils, spices, garlic and onion Point mix everything well and add Soya granules And salt.
  • Step 3 – apply oil in your palm
  • Step 4 – in a non-stick pan add the small round balls of the prepared mixture and Shallow fry it until golden brown in color.


Enjoy the vegetarian kabab recipe with thin paratha, onion rings, and fresh green chutney. The amazing appearance of the Kabab will never let you discover whether it is the original Kabab all the vegetarian version. The recipe is very healthy and has got lots of protein.

Indian kebab recipe prepared out of black chickpeas and masoor is also, a real hit. You can also add a half a cup of kidney beans in order to give it a better taste.

Your children are definitely going to bid adieu to the nonvegetarian kebab recipe after having the vegetarian version from you. Also, your husband is going to love you even more after you tickle his taste buds with something so exotically tasty.

If you do not have Soya granules, you can also add besan or bread crumbs as the binding agent. You can also alter the proportion of the spices according to your personal taste.

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