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Want To Enjoy The Mouth-Melting Creamy Delight? Try The Yummy Grilled Sandwich

There is nothing better like having a yummy grilled sandwich for morning breakfast or evening snack. The creamy texture of a grilled sandwich provides true treat to the palate. So if you are looking forward to have something that is exotic, easy to make and digestible, here is the recipe for it.

Ingredients you need to Cook –

  • Butter
  • chopped vegetables like capsicum, onion, tomatoes cauliflower & carrot
  • Salt
  • Black pepper oregano Chili flakes
  • mayonnaise
  • cheese dressing
  • ginger garlic paste

How to prepare the best grilled sandwich on earth?

Step 1 – take a little amount of all the vegetables in a small bowl and mix one teaspoon of mayonnaise and 2 tbsp. of cheese dressing together. Make sure that all the vegetables are finely chopped with the help of chopper.

Step 2 – put half tablespoon of ginger garlic paste, Pinch of salt, black pepper, Oregano and mix all the contents together.

Step 3 – take jumbo size bread on your palm and spread the entire mixture over it evenly.

Step 4 – put butter on both the sides of Sandwich

Step 5- using a grill Pan or electric grill, bake the sandwich for few minutes.

Step 6 – serve with Schezwan sauce and tomato sauce

add-ons to cook the same
Cooking grilled sandwiches is so much fun. You can widely experiment with them in order to have fun evening and entertaining cooking time. If you feel that vegetables are not sufficient to satisfy your hunger, you can insert potato Patty in the middle of the sandwich and follow the same recipe as mentioned above.

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How to cook potato patty grill sandwich?

For potato patty you will need the following ingredients –

  • Boiled 4-5 potatoes
  • Red chili powder
  • Finely chopped green chili
  • Salt
  • Garam Masala
  • White flour

Step 1 – mash all the potatoes evenly using a masher.

Step 2 – add half tablespoon of red chili powder, little salt, Finely chopped green chilies and Garam Masala together.

Step 3 – create round balls with everything mixed together.

Step 4 – put a little amount of white floor on the potato patty. optionally you can add finely chopped vegetables for a better taste.

Step 5 – take a little amount of oil in a small vessel and fry the potato patty for cooking the vegetables and boiled potato better.

Final steps for potato Patty grilled cheese sandwich

Follow the above-mentioned recipe for making a cheese grilled sandwich. the only difference is that before grilling the sandwich, you need to insert the potato Patty in the middle.

Sprinkle a little amount of Mozzarella cheese when the sandwich is ready.cut it in square shape for better serving.

Final words

No matter whether you cook potato Patty cheese grilled sandwich for simply a vegetable grilled sandwich, both of them are delighting and tasty in their own way. You can have them as a snack or pack them for school and office tiffin.


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