How To Prepare Exotic Egg Rice Recipe In Just 5 Minutes

An egg is one of the best non vegetarian food items that is full of taste and health. Egg rice is the staple food of many North Indians. The simple recipe is absolutely pallet tickling and easy to make. Egg rice is full of flavours and nutrient. Eggs have a high amount of protein content in them. The simple recipe can be prepared by simply boiling some rice and taking a handful Of Spices.

 How to prepare egg rice at home?

Take four eggs, some rice and you are ready to prepare the yummy meals for your children and husband. The no-fuss meal is full of seasonal vegetables ginger garlic paste and spices. If you find it foolish to have a bowl full of fried rice, go for egg rice recipe that has everything to quench your hunger and fill your body with nutrition. The flavour of the rice mixed with egg is something that is good for a belly.


It is not at all surprising if your kids demand the dish on a daily basis after having it once. Once you get in the rhythm of preparing egg rice recipe, you can replace it with quinoa and other substitutes for better health and taste.


Step by step guide to prepare egg fried rice recipe –


  • Step 1 – crack 4 eggs into a small bowl and whisk them very well.
  • Step 2 – take a large Pan and boil one cup of rice in it.
  • Step 3 – take one tablespoon of oil over the same pan and add little bit of onion. Fry them until they turn golden brown along with other vegetables.
  • Step 4 – add a bowl full of cooked rice in the same pan and cook for few minutes. Make sure that the rice is evenly heated in the pan.
  • Step 5 -upturn the beaten egg over the cooked rice and stir it up.
  • Step 6 – use olive oil, vinegar, salt, chilli sauce and soya bean sauce, for mixing egg and rice together.
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Pro tip –

  • Try to use aged rice for a better taste and more nutrition quality.
  • Refrigerate the rice at least for one day after cooking for that get rid of moisture.
  • Prefer brown rice


With high nutrient and low fat content, egg rice recipe is something that can never disappoint a non vegetarian. You can add some peanut oil for a different fragrance. Instead of using normal onions, you can go for spring onions and coloured Capsicums. The easy peasy egg rice recipe is something that can be cooked by the beginners.

Egg rice is available in five star restaurants as well as with the normal vendors. However, the taste of the recipe might vary with another because of different cooking method and Spices used. If you are at all reluctant to encounter the dirt of street food, prepare your own egg rice recipe at home and eat it with all fun and health.

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