How To Prepare Delicious Egg Burger

Mothers have always been reluctant to feed their kids with burgers. However, the yummy egg burger recipe is nourishing and soul quenching because of different flavours combined with Wholesome nutrients. You can prepare egg burger recipe for the morning breakfast or pack it for the lunch in your kid’s tiffin box. The flavourful taste of burger and butter will definitely make your kid love you more than before.


Ingredients required to prepare egg burger recipe


  • 1 onion cut into round rings
  • 4 eggs
  • Three coloured capsicums cut into round shape
  • 4 burger bun
  • 4 tbsp milk
  • Tomato cut into round slices
  • Lettuce leaf cut in medium size

How to prepare easy peasy egg burger in just few steps?


Egg burger is something totally different from a normal burger. It comprises of baked egg and wonderful vegetables that serve as QuickPic tiffin recipe.


  • Step 1 – after breaking eggs, add salt, milk and Capsicum and mix everything very well.
  • Step 2 – put aluminium foil underneath the base of Cookie Cutter and immediately place the same upon the baking tray.
  • Step 3 – put the mixture within the mould and break the eggs until they get properly cooked.
  • Step 4– divide a single burger bun into two halves and add few drops of oil upon it.
  • Step 5 – roast them upon a non stick pan and let them get crispy.
  • Step 6– spread the mixture of Mayonnaise and tomato ketchup in a bowl.
  • Step 7 -put 1 tablespoon of cooking oil in another non stick pan. Lightly saute tomato and onion for a minute and placed them upon a plate.
  • Step 8– apply some cheese spread on the bottom of the sorted one and add lettuce leaves and graded cheap along with onion and tomato roundels then sprinkle salt.
  • Step 9 – divide the egg into two parts and assemble the bun covered with vegetables and baked egg.
  • Step 10 – keep the bun upon the pan for 2 more minutes and serve hot.
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International food chains have started realizing the importance of nutrition and calories. Therefore, egg burger is a fusion of calorific and nutritional food items. You can alter the combination of toppings and spices to create your own personalized burger.


How to prepare egg burger with omelette?


Find it difficult to bake egg yolk in the oven? Simply prepare some omelette on a non-stick Pan and layer the inner side of the bun with yummy vegetables and cheese spread.


Vegetable omelette is the favourite of children, elders and mothers. Egg has a tendency to spread joy everywhere. It is easy to make and has a commendable amount of nutrients. in fact egg is one of the most recommended food items by dieticians. Put some mayonnaise and tomato ketchup within the burger to make it taste even better. The Italian seasoning and amount of efforts you put to make the burger have a direct relation with the overall taste. Keep experimenting with the flavours and seasoning and stop when you feel that the best egg burger recipe has been created.

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